Welcome To Our Sundae Events and Food Services !

Trendsetters and majors of fantastic ice cream with style,exotic dezzerts and trendy fastfood in downtown of Sultanpur Awadh.We are better known for our expertise in creating healthy snacks through spontaneous research and creating some of the finest legends in the industry.

It all started with a dream of creating a better environment,ambience and place full of fun and frolic;way back in 2006.We succeeded in creating a niche within a short span of time.We rose in the market through our unbeatable service and quality.

We are one of the pioneers in Modern Quick Service Food Business.Constant Research & development in our field has helped us reduce processing time,increase shelf life ;thereby achieving low production costs and highly benchmarked delicious snacks. We are an enterprise driven by passion and constantly strive to be best in the industry.